• Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle
Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle

Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: RISING-SUN
Model Number: 3.0 inch ink screen

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Original packaging,conventional packaging
Delivery Time: 3-8 works
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000pcs/month
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Detail Information

Type: Graphic,EPD Size: 1.5",2.3'',0.9 Nich,22,2.66 Inch Customizable
Interface: SPI Viewing Angle: Ips All Viewing Angle
Product Name: Digital Price Tags Wireless E Ink Display Color: Black/white
Display Mode: Epd Display Color: Black/White
High Light:

Segment Code E Ink Display Module


E Ink Display Module 3Inch

Product Description

E Paper Ink Screen Segment Code Segmented Display Multiple Sizes Customized Factory Rising-Sun


An ink screen (Ink screen) is a display that uses electronic ink technology to simulate text and images on paper. It consists of tiny black and white particles that can be moved across the screen under the action of an electric field to form text and images. Here are some of the key features and benefits of ink screens:



Paper-like display: Ink screen technology simulates the display effect of ink on paper, creating a natural, realistic reading experience.

High Contrast: Ink screens have a high contrast ratio that maintains clear, sharp text and images even in a variety of lighting conditions.

Low Power Consumption: Ink screens only require energy when the screen content changes, so power consumption is very low, extending battery life and making them ideal for e-readers and other portable devices.

Wide viewing angle: Ink screens offer a wide viewing angle, allowing users to read comfortably from different angles without compromising visibility or image quality.

Reduced eye fatigue: Ink screens use a paper-like display and have no backlighting, greatly reducing eye fatigue and making them ideal for long hours of reading.



Realistic reading experience: Ink screens' paper-like display creates a more natural, immersive reading experience that approximates the feeling of reading from a physical book or document.

EYE-FRIENDLY: Ink screens reduce eye fatigue by eliminating backlighting and reflections common to traditional screens, making them the display technology of choice for people who spend long hours reading or working with text.

Long Battery Life: The low power consumption of ink screens allows for extended battery life of the device, ensuring continuous reading and use without frequent recharging.

Multiple applications: Ink screens can be used in a variety of devices and industries, from e-readers and digital signage to smart devices and wearables, providing a wide range of flexible solutions for displaying information.

Environmentally friendly: Ink screens do not emit harmful blue light and consume less power than traditional screens, making them more environmentally friendly.

Ink screens are available in a wide range of sizes, from small devices such as handheld readers and smartwatches, to large devices such as electronic signage and information display screens.


Ink screens are mainly used in the following areas:

E-readers: Ink screens are a common display technology for e-readers, allowing users to comfortably read e-books, articles and documents.

Digital Signage: Ink screens have a wide range of applications in digital signage, providing an elegant and attractive way to display information, advertisements and menus.

Note-taking and handwriting devices: Ink screens can support note-taking and handwriting functions, allowing users to annotate, highlight and write handwritten notes directly on the screen.

Industrial equipment and instruments: Ink screens are also relatively used in industrial equipment and instruments for displaying various data and control interfaces.


Why choose e-paper ink screens:

Reading experience: Ink screen technology provides a reading experience close to that of paper, making reading more comfortable and natural without the distraction of glare and backlighting, making it easier on the eyes.

Long Battery Life: Ink screens only consume energy when the content changes, which consumes less power compared to traditional display screens, resulting in a longer battery life that lasts longer.

Eye health: Ink screens do not emit harmful blue light, reducing damage to the eyes and making them especially suitable for long hours of reading and use.

High contrast and clarity: Ink screens have high contrast, making text and images clearly recognizable and maintaining good visibility even under bright light.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving: Ink screens consume less power, which is friendlier to the environment and reduces energy consumption at the same time.

Multi-functional applications: Ink screens are not only suitable for e-readers, but can also be applied to a variety of devices and fields, such as digital signage, handwriting devices and industrial control interfaces.

All in all, the reason for choosing an e-paper ink screen is that it provides a reading experience closer to paper, with the advantages of eye health protection, long battery life, environmental protection and energy saving, and multi-functional applications. Whether you are reading an eBook or in other scenarios where you need to display information, ink screen technology is an ideal choice.



Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle 0


Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle 1




Segment Code E Ink Display Module 3.0 inch wide viewing angle 2

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