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Corporate with Ronbo Electronics limited first time. They offer the professional service to support our customer urgent demand. We are very pleased to work with them, since quality perfectly, and logistical service excellent.

—— Ms Lee

We got great support from their technical team. Their response is very fast. We are satisfied with their cooperation.

—— Mr. Choi

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  • Production Line


    ►Clean Room class 10k@0.8um, Pressurec 0.8kgf


    Antistatic floor, resistance : 1x10 ohm to 1x10 ohm


    COG production lines: 4 .


    Backlight production lines: 2 .


    Existing machine capacity will be 1KK per month.


    COG Production Line



    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 0

    COG Production Line


    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 1


    FPC Bonding Line


    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 2


    Backlight Production Line


    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 3


    Assembly and Test Line


    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 4


    Test Equipment


    RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 5



    Production line machine list:

    Machine Name Control Quantity
    ACF Machine Auto 4
    COG Pre-bonding Machine Auto 3
    COG Bonding Machine Auto 2
    TAB/FPC Bonding Machine Auto 5
    Polarizer Cutting Machine Manual 1
    Defoaming Machine Manual 1
    Oven Manual 2
    Microscope Manual 2
    Compressor Set Manual 1
    Plastma Cleaning Machine Manual 1

    We have Good knowledge of the displays market to put together solutions that add value and provide a unique proposition for the client.


    Customized TFT / IPS Display:

    * FPC and various interface can be customized according to customer's device. 


    * Backlight with different outline and thickness and brightness is customized.


    * Offers the combination of LED backlight & LCD Color for customers to compare the effect.


    * Brightness of Backlight can be adjusted and can provide LCD Display with high Luminance.


    * Capacitive & Resistive touch panel/ Demo board is available for your option.


    Customized Graphic LCD:

    * It can be customized for monochrome LCD, backlight, FPC and PCB Board with a little tooling charge, and customized shape is suitable for customer's mechanical design.


    * LED backlights are available in various colors including yellow/green, white, blue, and Backlight with different brightness is customized according to your request.


    * Including different options of polarizer in reflective, transmissive or transflective types, and also with polarizer positive mode and negative mode options.


    * It is available to add a connection board for each item to change the interface from FPC to pins or cables, We can offer a variety of pin out connections to suit your requirements.


    * The LCD panel technologies include TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN types, and are available with viewing angles of 6:00, 12:00, 3:00, and 9:00 o’clock.


    * Extensive range of LCD graphic displays with various backlight and LCD type combinations.


    Customized Touch Screen:

    * Our capacitive touch panel design can be suitable for housing design from the customers to cover their lens or replace the physical buttons on its original module.


    * we are also capable of doing the customized shape needed to suit for customer's mechanical design.


    * With the assistance of the simulation software, equipment with high accuracy and simplifying assembly process, we are capable of making the sample in shorter period and with lower development charge.


        RONBO ELECTRONICS LIMITED factory production line 0

    Lens’s Features

    ►​Shape: Irregular and hole

    ►​Color: Silk printing, Logo

    ►​Glass brand: AGC, Corning,

    CSG, ETC

    ►Treatments: AG, AR, AF


    ►Thickness: 0.55mm, 0.7mm,

    1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

    Sensor Features

    ​Sensor material: Glass,

    Film,Film + Film


    0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm

    ►​FPC: Shape design optional

    ►IC: Focaltech, Goodix,

    Cypress, EETI

    ►Interface: IIC, USB, RS232,



    ►Optical Bonding with OCA

    ►Double faced adhesive tape



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