55" splicing screen solution

December 20, 2022

55" splicing screen solution

1, LCD splicing screen with screen anti-glare technology, special light-absorbing coating, absorb natural light, perfect display;

2, super soft eye protection technology, adjust different display modes, adapt to the ambient light; zero radiation system: strict EMC standard design, completely harmless to the human body;

3, intelligent temperature control cooling system, with independent patents;

4, five-point space fixing technology, inspired by the spacecraft window fixing technology;

5, super color saturation: can make RC reach 72% of high color saturation, can be through this technology, color calibration of still and dynamic picture, to ensure accurate and stable picture output;

6, the use of LED backlight, completely solve the traditional CCFL backlight led to edge blackening, uneven backlight and other technical difficulties, fully reflect the perfect visual effect.

7, compared with the ordinary display color good, more delicate picture shows accurate color reproduction;

8, automatic detection and identification of various standard signals, up to support uncompressed real-time UXGA (1920 × 1080) and HD 1080P and other formats of the signal. Automatic identification of all signals and can be adjusted and transformed according to user requirements for each signal in terms of window size, display position, image ratio, etc;

9, 8ms ultra-fast response time;

10, support wireless - push, the screen can be pushed to the splicing display through cell phones, IPAD and other mobile devices.

Splicing screen functional features.

A, professional-grade LCD panels and components to meet the long uninterrupted use

B, the unique IPS original DID LCD splicing display

C, a wealth of input and output interfaces, can be connected to computers and a variety of video equipment

D, the new "ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology" (S-PVA & S-IPS), 178 degrees of view, can be viewed in all directions

E, with 3D comb filter and 3D dynamic noise reduction technology. And with border compensation function, highly restore the real picture

F, the use of IPS unique DID screen, can be placed both horizontally and vertically

G, more "automatic thermostat" function, can automatically detect the internal temperature, so as to start the fan to reduce the internal temperature

H, long life (60,000 hours), stable operation, no burns, damage, low maintenance costs

Application areas.

Video surveillance, telecommunications, public utilities, process processing, traffic control, security monitoring and national defense, stage entertainment, TV studio, stock securities, large exhibition, shopping malls, banks, office halls, company welcome screen, stores, scheduling command, etc.

High temperature resistance and good dustproof performance

The use of high-temperature and dust-resistant design, with high-temperature resistance, good dustproof performance, more suitable for the splicing display of the harsher environmental conditions. And splicing screen optional industrial cooling fan design, reduce the machine temperature, improve the reliability of the machine, support 7x24 hours continuous work.


Quality assurance, ultra-long warranty

Splicing screen with high-speed embedded structure of the product, due to the high degree of integration, so the need for higher quality assurance, the company provides a 12-month warranty period after acceptance of the project free maintenance services, free technical support services and free software upgrade services within the warranty, product failure free warranty, users can be more at ease with the use.

1. Splicing screen installation requirements

(1), the installation of the ground requirements flat and strong, strong load-bearing force, no deformation.

2. Operation console (room) decoration and equipment location requirements

(1), the location of the operating control computer should be directly opposite the splicing screen, requiring the operator can easily and intuitively see the splicing screen operation. If there is a special partition of the operation control room, the operation control room and the large screen display room should have transparent glass, convenient for the operator to see.

(2), the control computer should be located as far as possible in the direction directly opposite the splicing screen, and the splicing screen has a suitable distance, so as to facilitate debugging, color adjustment and other operations.

(3), the placement of the image controller should be located next to the screen wall or behind the channel, should be as close as possible to the interface of the splicing screen, reduce the signal line alignment distance.

3. Light requirements

(1), lighting is recommended to use the built-in downlight, lighting should not be directly aligned with the screen direction, distance from the screen to maintain 3 meters away, so as not to affect the projection effect.

(2), if the control room window is large, should avoid direct sunlight, shading with curtains, curtains should be dark.

4. Alignment and wire channel requirements

(1), the weak power cable (HDMI cable, video, network, serial port, etc.) should be separated from the strong power cable alignment to avoid signal interference. If you are using the alignment slot, you can not share an alignment slot, should be divided into different alignment slot separate alignment.

(2), if it is floor tiles, composite wood flooring and other fixed ground, the requirements from the signal source (computer VGA signal, video signal) and control the computer to the graphics controller (or projector interface) between the alignment slot, the shorter the alignment distance is appropriate.

(3), if the anti-static floor, the alignment outlet should be open at the exit, leaving the cable outlet.

5. Air conditioning requirements

(1), the splicing screen behind the repair within a good temperature control and heat dissipation measures. If it is central air conditioning should have air conditioning inlet and outlet, if there is no central air conditioning, should add a special air conditioning, air conditioning power size depending on the size of the large screen.

6. Power supply

Considering that the system may encounter special circumstances will occur power failure and then the current impact, the splicing unit itself with power protection design, to ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment.

(1), the system's power supply for AC 220V ± 5%; with a three-eye socket with protective grounding wire; the number of sockets and the number of splicing screen.

(2), splicing system and image controller and control PC, etc. require the same phase power supply.

(3), the power supply voltage to be stable, reliable, especially to prevent power outages immediately after the power supply, therefore, in principle, the splicing system power supply must be required after the corresponding power UPS power supply.

(4), the system equipment should have good grounding, grounding resistance <2Ω, to ensure that the equipment is not damaged when encountering lightning strikes and other special conditions.

7. System environment

(1), the back of the splicing system is the maintenance point, the width of the maintenance channel is generally not less than 0.8 meters

(2), the large screen room requires better temperature and humidity control. Working environment temperature is 23 ℃ ± 5 ℃, relative humidity 20%-80%. Behind the splicing to have air conditioning is better for the life of the screen protection.

(3), splicing screen room requirements to keep clean, dustproof.

(4), the fire nozzle as far as possible from the splicing wall, and to use spray fire extinguishing agent.