75" conference all-in-one solution

December 20, 2022

75" conference all-in-one solution

75 inch conference all-in-one machine introduction.


1. effective display: display type: LED backlight, anti-slip explosion-proof anti-reflective glass on the surface; resolution: 3840 * 2160 (4K clear display standard), brightness: ≥ 380cd/m2; contrast ratio: ≥ 5000:1; screen ratio: 16:9; audio power: power ≥ 2 * 15W; power consumption: standby power consumption ≤ 0.5W.

2. Simultaneously support vector touch and original handwriting touch two [] mode [exclusive, currently other brands do not support original handwriting writing.

3. Touch screen structure: built-in fully enclosed, waterproof, dustproof and anti-blocking; drive / correction method: automatic identification free installation; touch mode: finger, pen or other non-transparent objects, intelligent stylus, response speed: continuous point ≤ 4ms; linearity error 1 mm.

4. Anti-chalk gray function, super touch recognition, any mode blocking the lower border, does not affect the part of the screen on that border writing.

5. Vector touch mode supports 6 points of simultaneous touch, 6 points of simultaneous writing without skipping pen, no interference.

6.* Support Microsoft Windows Office 2016 native writing touch, both support in the case of not installing any writing software, you can write on the screen in PPT presentation mode.

7.* Original handwriting touch mode support original handwriting writing, support 2048 level pressure-sensitive writing, to achieve the original handwriting chalk board effect, you can achieve the calligraphy teaching on the screen, sketching sketch teaching and other requirements.

8. The original handwriting touch mode supports hand and pen separation, both in the writing state, through the writing pen book can write all the content normally, while through any other objects on the screen scratching will not leave writing traces.

9.* The original handwriting touch mode supports gesture recognition, both in the writing state, you can operate the entire screen display through gestures, including but not limited to area selection, area movement, zoom in and zoom out, etc.

10. The writing pen comes with a key to switch the writing color function, which can quickly distinguish and emphasize the key content by different colors.

11. Writing pen comes with a key to change out of the writing software function, easy to demonstrate the staff to demonstrate

12. Writing pen supports PPT one-key play, page flip function, the user can remotely control the screen display PPT up and down page switch through the stylus.

13. The writing pen supports one-key call blank presentation whiteboard function and one-key hide whiteboard function during PPT playback, and the whiteboard content is automatically cleared after each closing of the whiteboard interface.

14. Stylus configuration with no less than 6 replaceable writing tips

15. input ports: TV * 1, AV * 1, YPBPR * 1, VGA * 2 (1 way front), HDMI * 3 (1 way front); output ports: AV * 1, coaxial * 1, EARPHONE * 1; touch ports: USB * 2 (1 way front), Android USB * 2, computer USB * 1 * (front), RS232 * 1, RJ45 * 1

16. Built-in Android host, CPU ≥ 4 cores, main frequency ≥ 1.4GHz or more, memory ≥ 2G, storage ≥ 4G, Android version of not less than 5.0

17. At least the following physical keys, switch keys, volume +, volume -, signal source switching.

18. Built-in OPS all-in-one computer, Intel 6th generation (and above) I3, 4G memory, 120G solid-state drive.

19. Whiteboard software: comes with whiteboard writing software, including teaching demonstration, annotation notes and other functions, teaching software supports 10-point simultaneous writing operation; screen roaming function allows the screen writing range to extend infinitely, providing an infinitely large electronic blackboard writing annotation layout for teaching; ensure sensitive control of writing use, writing display synchronization, can use different color pens to mark on the screen, support English and Chinese handwriting Identify the standard font function; software with Chinese characters, letters, numbers and mathematical formulas and other writing body directly identified as print, and support any position placed, support zoom in, zoom out, rotate function. Support office, flash, various audio and video files, which can be opened and inserted at any time when teaching.

20. whiteboard software support simulation experiments rapid demonstration, covering junior and senior high school science, chemistry and biology experiments, experiments using FLASH and 3D effect production, can fully visualize the entire process of experiments and attention points, as well as common experimental problems. Can fully solve some experimental facilities are not available or not convenient for physical operation of the experimental demonstration, to meet the requirements of student participation in experiments, exploratory learning.

21. built-in Android system, to provide double stability guarantee for teaching, even without a computer can also achieve teaching writing, media file playback and other functions; no button intelligent touch menu, with brightness, contrast adjustment and signal channel switching and other functions.

22. appearance structure: full metal frame structure, rounded corners, no sharp or protruding surface, beautiful and safe; back shell for the louvered window design, effective dustproof and ventilation and heat dissipation, prolonging the service life of the machine; writing screen with full tempered glass screen, scratch-resistant, anti-collision, dustproof and waterproof, using button-type front dismantling structure, without the use of any tools to remove the front touch frame for upgrading maintenance.

23. audio type: built-in speaker 2 * 15W speakers, speaker sound port in the front of the machine (on the front panel), the combination embedded in the blackboard integration, to ensure that the speaker sound effect.