What are the advantages and disadvantages of the classification of touch screens and resistive touch?

December 20, 2022

Latest company news about What are the advantages and disadvantages of the classification of touch screens and resistive touch?

With the continuous development and application of touch display technology, the traditional keypad control display technology gradually withdraws from the historical stage. Nowadays, people are pursuing the era of ultra-thin and ultra-fast, and there is no more space for keypad display technology to be produced. It is hard to find in the market. Touch screen has the advantages of good durability, fast response time, space saving and easy communication. However, many people are not clear about its classification. The following is the introduction of Hongxianweiye display manufacturers.


According to the technical principle, touch screen can be divided into five basic types: vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistive technology touch screen, capacitive technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic technology touch screen. Among them, vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has retired from the historical stage; infrared technology touch screen is cheap, but the outer frame is fragile, easy to produce light interference and distortion under the surface; capacitive technology touch screen design is reasonable, but its image distortion problem is difficult to fundamentally solve; resistive technology touch screen positioning is accurate, but the price is quite high, and afraid of scratching; surface acoustic touch screen to solve the previous touch screen various defects. Very clear, not easy to damage. Suitable for a variety of occasions. The disadvantage is that if the screen surface has water droplets and dust, the touch screen will become sluggish or even unable to work.


Advantages of resistive touch.

1, the screen and control system is relatively cheap, and the response sensitivity is good. They are not afraid to work in the environment of dust and water vapor and the outside world completely isolated, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. It can be touched by any stable object.


2, the service life is relatively long.



Disadvantages of resistive contact.


1, the sensitivity of the resistive touch screen is not easy to adjust, prone to sensitivity imbalance. Sensitive point a and slow point B phenomenon occurs from time to time.


2, resistive touch screen anti-interference ability is weak to prevent misoperation. Any contact will cause movement.


3, resistive touch screen due to the need for a certain amount of pressure, easy to cause wear and tear of the surface material, affecting the normal life of the product.