What are the common types of LCD screens?

December 20, 2022

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1, OLED liquid crystal display

OLED is organic light emitting (organic light emitting) abbreviation "display", also known as organic light-emitting display, is the latest organic light-emitting technology. oled display technology is different from the traditional LCD display, it does not require backlighting, but the use of very thin organic material coating and glass substrate. When it has an electric current passing through, these organic materials will emit light on their own, so its viewing angle will change greatly. From all sides, it can clearly see the content on the screen, which also makes it very thin. In addition, OLED displays can also significantly save electricity, known as the "dream display".


2, the GF liquid crystal display


GF is the abbreviation of "glass color". Maybe you are not familiar with GF-LCD, because there are few digital products using GF-LCD in the market. In fact, GF is also a kind of STN, and the main feature of GF is that the brightness will be improved while the power consumption is small, but GF-LCD will have certain color difference.


3. TFD liquid crystal display


TFD is the abbreviation of "thin film" "diode" is a TFT LCD, due to its high power consumption and high cost, increasing the cost of the product. Therefore, Epson has developed TFD technology for mobile screens, which is also an active matrix LCD screen. Each image on the display is an individual diode, which controls each pixel independently so that each pixel does not affect each other, thus significantly improving resolution and displaying dynamic images and brilliant colors without trailing.




TFT is short for thin-film transistor and belongs to active matrix LCD, which is a screen composed of thin-film transistors. Each of its liquid crystal pixel dots is basically driven by a thin film transistor. Each pixel dot is followed by four independent thin-film transistors, which drive the pixel dot and then emit color light that can display true color with 24-bit color depth. In terms of resolution, TFT-LCD can reach the maximum value of uxga (1600×1200).