How to buy the right industrial control LCD screen?

December 20, 2022

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Industrial control LCD is a display used for industrial control process or equipment. The main difference between industrial display and civil or commercial display is that the shell design is generally all-steel design, and the panel is divided into different materials such as ordinary iron plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc., with special design of dustproof and shockproof. Industrial grade LCD screen is used. In the case of high environmental requirements, consider using a wide temperature LCD screen. At present, only a few are foreign manufacturers of such displays, the price is more expensive. Industrial LCDs are mainly used in high temperature, strong interference, strong vibration and other harsh environments. How to choose the right industrial LCD display?


According to the different installation methods, industrial control LCD displays can be divided into: embedded, shelf, open, customized, flip-flop, etc. To choose the right industrial LCD, you should choose from space, viewing angle, readability, sustainability/reliability, etc.


1 Viewpoint

In a typical industrial environment, the operator prefers to look at the display at an oblique angle rather than a positive angle. Therefore, it is important to view the picture from different angles (up, down, left, right, front, and back) without distortion or discoloration. Several techniques have been used to improve the oblique viewing angle of LCD monitors. Some movie-based techniques typically achieve 80° up, 60° down, 80° left, and 80° right. These perspective views are sufficient for many applications, but some applications may require larger perspective views. Huatian Xinke's industrial LCD monitors can provide customized full-view angle (85°) industrial LCD monitors for various industries to choose from.


2 space

LCDs are designed to be more portable and can flexibly support work that previously could only be done by expensive equipment under the same conditions. Industrial LCD displays are currently produced from 6.4-inch to 42-inch series, which can provide industrial LCD display sizes suitable for various industries.


3 readability

Readability is another highlight of LCD monitors. Importantly, displays in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visuals from multiple angles in a brightly lit environment. Most industrial environments are surrounded by bright light, which poses a challenge to the readability of the display. The brighter the environment, the more difficult it is to transmit the LCD monitor. One solution to improve the readability of LCDs in bright display environments is to increase contrast without increasing power consumption. Reflectance reduction technology is beneficial in highlighting industrial environments. A reflective display has both transmission and reflection characteristics. Just as it can be viewed in a dark environment by backlighting, and also mentions the reflective properties, so it has excellent readability in a highlighted display environment. The industrial displays offered by Huatian Xinke can provide the brightness required for industrial LCD monitors suitable for different industries.


4 Sustainability / Reliability

Resistance to temperature changes and vibration is an important consideration in display selection for modern industrial applications.